About Us

iPlush gives car enthusiasts a dream come true. We provide a customized plush version of any car or bike in the world. We also can bring any pet to life with our custom pet pillows! 

At iPlush , with many year of experience in the custom car industry, our mission is to inspire moments of appreciation and happiness, create an unforgettable product of value, and continue to raise the standards as well as ignite the hearts of millions of car lovers AND also pet lovers with out pet pillows from all over the world!

Together with an integrated team of professionals we design, manufacture, and ship custom plush car shaped pillows, Pet Pillows, and also Lifestyle T-Shirts. We take the picture you send us and create a plush made of 100% sueded cotton with sueded border all hand sewn and made in the USA.


Any questions? Please email us.

 Email: Plushmycar@icloud.com